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About Us

Since 1996


Established in 1996, Tri-Star Marketing is an international manufacturer’s representative firm specializing in FMCG, HBC and healthy product positions sold through Food, Drug and Mass.

As a result of our global reach, we are able to offer manufacturers direct access to leading US and International retailers. In addition and in concert with our well established and strong distributor network, we offer manufacturers speedy access to more than 80 countries.

Through our International reach, we are able to assist our suppliers in developing a direct to market strategy in the leading markets across the world

Using this business model, we achieve more competitive retail price points, establish direct supplier control over A&P activity and enhance the profitability of retailer and supplier alike. In addition to advising our principals on the positioning of their products, we are able to assist with local logistics in Australia, Canada, the UK, South America, Mexico and in the US so that inventory can be delivered to retailers on a just in time basis.

In Tampa, we have a dedicated, responsive team of sales and support professionals who understand the competitive environment in markets they manage as well as those of retailers and distributors to whom we sell.

Fluent in Spanish, French and English, our team members are constantly working to ensure satisfaction.

Our Team

Laurie Copley
Asia Pacific, Africa & USA Account Manager
(813) 875-4132 x 102
Kimberly Silva
Sales Manager Latin America
(813) 875-4132 x 108
Lesluis Sojo
Caribbean Account Manager
(813) 875-4132 x 103
Lee Edgerley
(813) 875-4132 x 101
Paola Korder
International Sales and Marketing Coordinator
(813) 875-4132 x 105
Jennifer Hardge
Sales Coordinator
(813) 875-4132 x 106