Friday, March 27, 2015
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About Tri-Star Marketing, Inc.

Our experienced, professional broker partners in Australia, Canada, Central America, Mexico, the UK and the US, work with us to assist our suppliers in developing a direct to market strategy.

Using this business model, we achieve more competitive retail price points, establish direct supplier control over A&P activity and enhance the profitability of retailer and supplier alike. In addition to advising our principals on the positioning of their products, we are able to assist with local logistics in Australia, Canada, the UK, South America, Mexico and in the US so that inventory can be delivered to retailers on a just in time basis.

This international branch office concept also helps to make our suppliers' products more competitive with those that are locally manufactured. In Tampa, we have a dedicated, responsive team of sales and support professionals who understand urgency, the commercial needs of our suppliers and those of their customers.

Fluent in Spanish, French and English, our team members are constantly working to ensure satisfaction on the part of all of the parties with whom we work.