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Drawing on over 25 years of gel manufacturing experience, PolyGel® entered the marketplace in 1999 as a provider of unique gel materials primarily to the healthcare industry. Recognizing the need to improve on the available therapies in the marketplace and meet the demand for quality solutions, PolyGel developed enhanced products for the medical foot care and skin care markets.

Since its founding, PolyGel has expanded into a global, multi-dimensional company with three primary divisions: Retail, Private Label and Custom Components. Each division focuses on solutions, therapies, technologies and products that enhance quality of life and drive the corporate message of Improving Well-Being.


PolyGel excels at producing the finest quality gel materials in FDA and ISO Certified facilities. We are dedicated to providing a continuous pipeline of innovative products that represent the latest advancements in gel products engineering. As gel experts we combine our knowledge of medical grade TPE, TPU and SILICONE formulations with our expertise in product manufacturing.

We have global manufacturing capabilities where we employ the most advanced methodologies and machinery to support our expertise in molding, extrusion, die-cutting and dipping. As product innovators, we push the edge of product development with a solid foundation in R&D. We are committed to offering a broad spectrum of innovative retail products, available for private label, as well as creative custom component solutions.