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AP Deauville


Men’s Deodorant, Body spray, Anti-Perspirant and Body Wash

Soft Whisper

Ladies’ Deodorants Stick, Bar Soap and Body Wash

Formed in 2001, A.P. Deauville is a leading marketer and manufacturer of nationally recognized personal care products.

A.P. Deauville is dedicated to providing you – the valued customer – with the best men and women toiletries for less! They take pride in manufacturing and offering products that are great quality at an economical price. They do this by not spending money on traditional advertising.

A.P. Deauville thinks of their toiletry products as the THE Brands for the 99%! Exceptional Quality at Affordable Value Prices!

Their Power Stick and Soft Whisper brands give you the BEST quality bath, body and toiletries at less than half, possibly a quarter; of the price you are used to paying. High value and quality at a bargain price!

They have Deodorants and Antiperspirants, Body Sprays, Body Wash and Shower Gels for women and men, and a line of fantastic Shampoos and Conditioners. Their Power Sticks come in an assortment of incredible fragrances we call Coolblast, Intensity, Hurricane and Screem for men. Powder and Shower for women. Soft Whisper Power Sticks are exclusively for women with Pomegranate/Verbana, Cucumber/Green Tea, Country Fresh Apple and Citrus/Sage scents.

So make a new choice – because you are not a typical kind of individual. At AP Deauville, popular priced men’s and women’s toiletry products are better, smarter & cooler!

Power Stick® is the Number ONE men’s antiperspirant, body spray and body wash brand in the value priced market segment.

Soft Whisper® by Power Stick is a leading woman’s antiperspirant and body wash brand in the value priced market segment.

Power Stick® and Soft Whisper® have chain-wide distribution in most of the largest discount retailers in the U.S.