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Centura Brands


LaCoupe Orgnx and Dippity
Hair Care Products.

This Canadian company markets the LaCoupe, LaCoupe Orgnx and Dippity Do range of hair care products.

Centura Brands specializes in marketing and sales services integrating three distinct areas of business: manufacturing, licensing and sales brokerage.

In 1989, Centura’s principals recognized a niche opportunity to manage the many diverse commercial needs of consumer packaged goods companies who wanted to develop their brands for long-term profit and sustainability. Centura’s model for success has been fostered by customizing strategic partnerships and strong supplier and retailer relationships.

The Centura brands we represent from their portfolio include: LaCoupeLaCoupe Orgnx & Dippity Do

  • LaCoupe is a leading premium hair care brand at retail in Canada promising their consumers full, thick and beautiful hair.

The brand has now been introduced overseas where the new, upscale, feminine packaging and superior formulations will attract discerning consumers.

  • LaCoupe created LaCoupe Orgnx – A sulfate-free, paraben-free and DEA-free line that has been salon-tested and approved and is always cruelty-free.

Orgnx was inspired by the moringa tree from Africa and pure certified botanicals such as fig, avocado and sweet lupine. Each orgnx product focuses on a different hair care challenge common to modern life.

  • Dippity Do is Canada’s #1 gel brand for today’s active lifestyles. Active lifestyles demand active products and Dippity Do keeps on delivering.

The Dippity Do lines are formulated with ingredients such as Pro vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and fruit extracts. These style enhancing products not only provide hold but also add strnegth and radiant shine. These alcohol- free products won’t flake.