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Crystal® Body Deodorant

Consumers would be surprised to learn that over the years eight different common ingredients found in deodorant products have been banned for posing a health hazard to users.

Many deodorants also contain aluminum chlorohydrate, a harmful chemical still found in 85% of deodorants on the market.

The Crystal Body Deodorant, the all natural alternative to mainstream deodorants, is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, non-sticky, non-staining, and is made of 100% mineral salts with no artificial coloring or ingredients, chemicals or dyes, and contains no ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE, helping us stay odor-free, safe and naturally.

Since 1984, when it was first discovered in France, the “Crystal” has been a leader in healthy, natural deodorant protection. When first released it was sold only in a limited number of stores in the U.S. under the name, “Le Crystal Naturel”, but today these products can be found in over 10,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The Crystal Body Deodorant products are the #1 best-selling leaders in healthy, natural, deodorant protection. They have a committed following of loyal customers and are on the shelves of retailers