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King of Shaves


Leading Male shaving and skincare product


Founded in 1993 King of Shaves started life with problem solving specialist shaving Oils, designed to replace traditional canned shaving foams & gels and aimed at helping men enjoy, not endure shaving.  In 1996 they launched a range of low foam shaving gels in tubes and a range of men’s skincare products, which at the time were unique to the shelves of the major UK retailers.

KOS is sold through all the leading UK retailers; Drugstore (Boots, Superdrug),  leading grocery multiples (e.g. Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc.), Pharmacy and online, making it a truly omni-channel business.

Today KOS is a leading Male shaving and skincare branded, omni-channel business and is the No.3 brand in the UK shave prep market (behind Gillette and Nivea) and is the only brand in value and volume growth YOY.

Queen Of… by King of Shaves Shaving Gels for women are lightly fragranced and give a wonderfully close and comfortable shave leaving your skin silky smooth, supple and feeling moisturised. Low foam non-drying formula is free from Parabens and improves razor blade glide with no irritation.