Imagination has always been a key part of the BBI story–as evidenced by their humble beginnings when Goody founder, Henry Goodman, sold hair combs out of a pushcart in lower Manhattan during the early 20th Century.

Flash forward to 1977, an equally industrious Jeff Rosenzweig (founder of JD Beauty Group) broke into the beauty industry by selling hairbrushes and accessories out the back of his weathered white van at flea markets all over NY Metro Area. Smart and scrappy, Jeff took that idea and eventually evolved it into WetBrush.

Since then, founders like Ouidad namesake Ouidad Wise and Bio Ionic’s Fernando Romero have continued to spearhead innovative concepts for everyday solutions. From first-in-market products for curly hair to styling tools that contain natural negative ions, big ideas have always been a part of their brand DNA.

Today, WetBrush, Goody, Ouidad, Bio Ionic and several other iconic beauty brands are all part of the Beauty by Imagination/ACON Investments LLC family.

While their name may have changed, one thing has remained a constant for over a century: Their creative spirit lives on in everything they do.


Founded in 1907, Goody is an iconic beauty brand that creates innovative accessories and styling tools for your hair. A retro brand that has been trusted for over a century, Goody continues to deliver fresh ideas on accessories that elevate hair styles and promote individual expression.


WetBrush changed the hair-care game when it arrived on the scene in 2005 as the first detangler. With an ever-evolving and unexpected canvas for expression, WetBrush products are created with cool designs, interesting patterns, and innovative features that not only detangle, but help both pros and consumers style and manage hair with less pain, effort, and breakage.